Saturday, 11 December 2010

A few thoughts

For a long time now I haven't felt like I wanted to post an entry and there is no one reason for this. All I will say is, I haven't been all that happy. I started this year full of hope: I had decided on a new direction career-wise, something more fulfilling and congruent with me as a person and less empty and vacuous than I had found the world of television to be. It hasn't been an altogether successful move so far, and certainly not very lucrative, but, as a hero of mine once said, these things take time. I didn't take into account the kind of personal issues this kind of move would raise and I end the year somewhat wiser and happier, but most of all thankful. Thankful for things I had, until this year, taken completely for granted.

These days it's so easy to get caught up in the superficial trappings of popular culture. It's everywhere and almost impossible to escape. There's no denying that the world of "celebrity", social networking, technology and personal image all have a place in our ever changing society, but as our fascination in these things grows and grows, it becomes harder and harder, I think, to remember what's really important, and what's important are people.

My three closest friends, whose identity I will protect (two of whom I met, ironically, whilst working in telly) have, in the last two years, been through the most terrible and traumatic events you could imagine. All three have dealt with them with such dignity and love that I am in total awe of their strength, courage and selflessness. It is they who have moved me to write this post and I do so in their honour.

This year I have learnt things about people I considered to be friends, that have surprised, hurt and disappointed me. I'm sure this is the natural order of things, as we are, after all, only human and therefore fallible creatures. But equally, it has never been so apparent to me to keep hold of the people who continually give everything they have to everybody else, even though they, themselves, are dying inside. Such strength I can hardly compute, but these people are so rare and beautiful and I give thanks every day that they are in my life.

I am lucky too, to have a supremely loving family who continue to support me unconditionally in whatever I do. They never lecture, judge or make me feel like I should be doing the conventional things most people my age are doing. They respect me as a person and know that I will not necessarily conform to a traditional lifestyle. They believe, as I do, that if it's right, it will happen on its own and when I'm ready, but they don't spoil or wrap me in cotton wool either. How many people can say the same?

So, to sum up, I may not have the job, the house, the car, the money or the relationship but I know that I love, and am loved by my family and my friends and what more do you need, really?

After all, as a wise man once said, "No man is a failure who has friends".

Monday, 15 February 2010

Me and Uke, Uke and Me

Well , I feel slightly more cheery than I did last week as it has become evident that I do indeed have some readers! AND they comment! sometimes they share a little too much but as long as it's not nasty I can deal with it. (see Daniel Kitson post if you are confused)

It has been an enlightening week to say the least. I have learnt that,

a. Men of 22 do not like being spurned and have the capacity to then get in a total grump.

b. When drunk I am able to sing in front of 250 people.


c. Cosmic ordering doesn't work on MacBook Pros.

Actually I'm feeling pretty ropey today, full of cold and overpriced Crouch End soup.

The other day whilst at Bush Hall I found myself picking up a ukulele and decided that I would try and learn to play properly. I have now learnt 3 chords (had to stop as policeman neighbour came upstairs to complain...oops) Not sure yet what I will do with my talent but perhaps I will sing something too. Which brings me to another highlight of the week; On Thursday night I went to Karaoke Circus at Bethnal Green Working Men's Club run by the lovely Martin White and Danielle Ward (had only been here once before for a John Waters Theme night and loved it) I had been aware of KC from working at the Albany where I believe it originated from Robin Ince's Book Club, but had never attended one.

What a great night! Andrew Collins (always entertaining and gentlemanly) was brilliant pogoing to the Ting Tings, so too was Robin Ince whose love was torn apart by a Smithsian interlude. Forgot that I had signed up to sing until my name was called (actually thats a complete lie, I was cacking it and drinking red wine to combat my fear, although there was no guarantee of being chosen) However, when I got up there the crowd was so lovely and supportive that my fear dissipated and I ended up drunkenly swaying along to Dream a Little Dream. It can't have sounded too bad to the mysterious Baron and the very handsome and hirsute Daniel Maier as they made me the winner.

So my first foray back into the world of live entertainment has occurred a mere 5 and a half years since my one and only Edinburgh outing with Alexs MacQueen and Kirk.

Who knows what will happen next. Perhaps I will become Georgina Formby.

TURN-ONS What's going on the Thong Stereo

1. Black Cab - Jens Lekman (my brother introduced me to him and I cannot stop playing it)

2. Listen To The Band- The Monkees (celebrating Mickey Dolenz's arrival in the West End)

3. The Trapeze Swinger- Iron and Wine

4. First Train Home- Imogen Heap

5. Central Reservation- Beth Orton

Later on dudes.

Sunday, 7 February 2010


No posts for a couple of weeks although I doubt anyone has noticed. The truth is there's stuff that happens that I can't really blog about. Part of me really wants to as it would be cathartic but I'm not ready to put myself in the public domain in that way just yet.
One of my friends mentioned that my blog might be more interesting if it had more sex in it. Stay tuned, Glyn, stay tuned...

I am writing something though. This was my promise to myself in December: I made it the night I saw Daniel Kitson at Sydney Opera House. My sister and I came home from the Opera Bar and my brother-in-law was watching American Beauty. I had studied this film in a screenwriting class I took a few years ago and seeing it again reminded me what a near perfect film it is. The thought of coming back to England and trying to find work in TV filled me with dread, so I decided there and then not to, and it felt right. I'll talk more about what I'm writing next time but for the moment I need to sleep. I'm too old to be getting home at 3am.

TURN-ONS What's going on the Thong stereo.

1. Tidal- Imogen Heap

2. Car Song- Madder Rose

3. Interesting Drug- Morrissey

4. One Love- Massive Attack (can't wait for Heligoland)

5. Need One- Martina Topley-Bird

Silent non-existent people, in case you're wondering about the title. It's a new area in New York. An acronym for Down Under the Manhattan Bridge Overpass. Didn't have a title see, and New York trivia is always interesting, I think.